WDS Special Design and Make Services

Unlike many of our competitors, WDS has a flexible manufacturing facility based at our headquarters in Leeds. If you need a special size, thread, or modifcation to one of our existing products, the specials service offers this and more.

Standard Parts and Machine Accessories
In addition to the standard range of products showcased on our website or catalog, WDS can offer alterations to existing products, so if you need a slightly longer T-nut, special thread on a stud, or a specific keyway on your hand wheel, WDS is able to provide a solution.

In addition to the standard range of broaches, WDS can offer special broaches and broaching equipment, or point you in the right direction.

Workholding & Fixturing Systems
WDS Component Parts Fixturing Systems Division enjoy the benefits of being an ISO 9001:2008 registered Company and as such are able to design, manufacture and quality check custom fixtures, tooling columns and baseplates for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, medical, defense and automotive. The Fixturing Systems Division has many years of difficult and demanding project experience, and can work with the customer from concept to completion and commissioning. Stock tooling columns, two-sided tooling blocks, or tombstones can be provided either raw cast, part machined, or fully machined and ground to a high degree of accuracy.

Manufacturing Capacities:

Horizontal CNC Milling
400mm and 630mm Multi-Pallet Horizontal Machining Centers

CNC Milling

Vertical CNC Milling
800mm x 500mm x 500mm
800mm x 350mm x 350mm

Universal CNC Milling
2000mm x 1500mm x 750mm
1800mm x 600mm x 600mm
1500mm x 750mm x 600mm

CNC Turning

CNC Bar Turning
65mm bar capacity, single spindle
42mm bar capacity, single spindle
50mm bar capacity, twin spindle, twin turret, driven tools
32mm bar capacity, twin spindle, twin turret, driven tools
32mm bar capacity, twin spindle, sliding head, driven tools
32mm bar capacity, single spindle

CNC Turning
350mm x 500mm single spindle
230mm x 500mm single spindle

Precision Grinding

Precision Grinding and Honing
Internal and external cylindrical grinding
Centerless grinding
Surface grinding up to 3500mm x 1500mm x 1150mm high

WDS Fixturing Systems dedicated supply chain are able to source fabrications, profiles, and high integrity steel, aluminum or  iron castings. Raw materials or finished products can be heat treated, normalized, hardened, plated, or painted specific to the customers requirement.

For further information on WDS’s custom Fixturing and Workholding service please contact our experienced team to facilitate your requirements.

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